The importance of Mid-Line Development

Mid-Line Development in Nursery School Children - Bramley Nursery School, Johannesburg

There is an imaginary line called the mid-line which runs down the centre of the human body and basically divides the body into the left and right sides. Nursery school aged children are at an age where the development and the practicing of the ability to cross the mid-line becomes an important developmental aspect.

Tips for spending 5 minutes and improving your relationship with your child

Spending Quality Time wuth Kids

As parents, caregivers, grandparents, and almost anyone that has children in their care these days, we sometimes end up not spending quality time with our kids. I would go so far as to say that we overlook what the meaning of quality time may be, or perhaps, the perception of what a child considers to be quality time somehow becomes a little vague to us.

Mandela Day 2016

Mandela Day 2016 - Bramley Nursery School

For Mandela day 2016 our 'big class' of pre-schoolers did some themed art involving the South African flag.
Our children were also encouraged to spread good and do good deed, not only on Mandela day, but every day.