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About Bramley Nursery School

Established in 1952 in Bramley (likely one of the oldest nursery schools in Johannesburg), in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa, Bramley Nursery School is a traditional nursery school which continues to maintain a high quality of pre-school education and early childhood development, and acts as a 'feeder' school for many of the schools within the vicinity. The 'new' school building was opened to learners in 1958 from which we still operate.

The nursery school strives to maintain high educational standards and aligns, where possible and age-appropriate, with the CAPS curriculum; whilst using modern and traditional methods of educating the children who attend the school.

The school caters for a wide variety of children from many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The current principal, Maryanne Youngs has been in the Early Childhood Education field for many years, at various schools and has acquired extensive experience in all aspects of childrens’ educational development. The experience and compassion of all staff and teachers ensure that the best care and education is given at all times towards the children.

Bramley Nursery School caters for children from two-and-half years old (providing that the child is fully toilet trained) until school going age and has separate classes for the different age groups. The classes are small enough to allow more individual attention where this is necessary.

You have the option of enrolling your child for a full day or half day programme and a choice of whether your child attends school for holiday care available for the Gauteng region government school holidays.
Half day children arrive at school from 07:30 and leave at 13:30. They are provided with a mid-morning snack, usually sandwiches, fruit and juice.
The full day children have the mid-morning snack, a cooked lunch, and then an afternoon snack after their nap. You are welcome to send yoghurt / fruit with your child for the afternoon snack. Aftercare ends strictly at 17:30 for the full-day children.

On average, the children are treated to a puppet or other educational show three times per school term.
Some extra-curricular activities include Playfit, Musical Bears, Soccer and Ballet lessons. Please contact the school for more information regarding these activities as new activities may be introduced from time to time.

Recent News & Articles

The importance of Mid-Line Development

Mid-Line Development in Nursery School Children - Bramley Nursery School, Johannesburg

There is an imaginary line called the mid-line which runs down the centre of the human body and basically divides the body into the left and right sides. Nursery school aged children are at an age where the development and the practicing of the ability to cross the mid-line becomes an important developmental aspect.

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Back to School 2018

Bramley Nursery School 2018

Welcome to the 2018 academic year at Bramley Nursery School.

The past Wednesday saw the beginning to the academic start at school. This first couple of days are usually busy and are spent helping our children familiarise themselves with school routine.

The middle group spent some hot hours in a cooler outdoor setting and put the easels to work. The intention was to send some of the paintings home, but we’re going to place these on display in our classroom instead.

Theme for next week for all classes is "My Body" so we are looking forward to some interesting new songs and activities!

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Tumbling Tigerz Prizegiving at BNS 2017

Tumbling Tigerz Prizegiving at BNS 2017

As you may already know, every child attending Bramley Nursery School for 2017 took part in the Tumbling Tigerz extra-mural activity.

The Tumbling Tigerz programme for children and toddlers is a fantastic and fun adventure for every child. Much of their activities are actually based on research and the programme benefits your child in many more ways than just being 'fun' or 'excersise'.

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Bramley Nursery School Pajama Day 2017

Bramley Nursery School Pajama Day 2017

12 May 2017 - Slipper day in South Africa - and Bramley Nursery School's annual pajama day.

Our annual event sees most staff partaking in an much as possible, and all the children of the school arriving in something different - their pajamas. This is different for the children and a break from the 'usual', and despite mostly carrying on our daily routine, we see many interesting characters turning up at school which creates room for imagination play and conversation.

There is always fun in learning! Take a look at our gallery below.


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Bramley Nursery School is open and operational during the various Covid lockdown levels with the approproate sanitisation protocols and social distancing measures in place to ensure a safe learning environment for all staff and learners.

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Applications for enrollement at Bramley Nursery School for 2022 are NOW OPEN. The form takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete.
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School fees for BNS varydepending on the programme which you choose.
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School Terms Gauteng

Bramley Nursery School operates mostly in line with the Gauteng government school terms and holidays. We do remain open during school holidays providing fun, safe holiday care. Please review the school terms here.School Terms

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