Bramley Nursery School Fees Structure 2021

Please note that all fees are payable in advance and are due on the first school day of each term or month.
The fees are calculated for the year and paid monthly from January to November, irrespective of holidays.

Registration Fee: R 300.00 (non refundable)
Educational Shows: R 300.00 (once off)


Attending School Terms only

Full Day: R2 420.00 / month - (7am to 5.30pm)
Half Day: R1 920.00 / month - (7am to 12.30pm)
Half Day + Lunch: R2 330.00 / month - (7am to 1pm)

Additional Days Closed: 26 April 2021

Attending Full Year

Full Day: R2 580.00 / month - (7am to 5.30pm)
Half Day: R2 040.00 / month - (7am to 12.30pm)
Half Day + Lunch: R2 530.00/ month - (7am to 1pm)

Dates 2021: 13 January 2021 to 15 December 2021
Additional Days Closed: 26 April 2021

Gauteng School Terms 2021

The Gauteng public school terms - applicable to all South African Public Schools - for 2021 are as follows:

Term 1: Scbools Open: 15 February   |   Schools Close: 23 April
Term 2: Schools Open: 03 May   |   Schools Closes: 09 July
Term 3: Schools Open: 26 July   |   Schools Close: 01 October
Term 4: Schools Open: 11 October   |   Schools Close: 15 December


Important Notes

Toilet Training
We prefer that all children be fully toilet trained before starting school.

Documentation for Enrolment:
In order for your child to be successfully enrolled at Bramley Nursery School we will require copies of the following documents along with the registration fee:
 -- Learner's Birth Certificate
 -- Learner's Clinic Card
 -- Identity Documents of Parents/Legal Guardians

Additional Requirements: (per learner in attendance)
 -- 2 boxes of facial tissues per term
 -- 2 Paper towel rolls per term
 -- 2 packs of wet wipes per term

At School:
Each child needs a blanket, a hat and a water bottle.

In School Bag Daily:
A change of clothes, a healthy snack and the message book (message book will be supplied by the school) 

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