Tumbling Tigerz Prizegiving at BNS 2017

Tumbling Tigerz Prizegiving at BNS 2017

As you may already know, every child attending Bramley Nursery School for 2017 took part in the Tumbling Tigerz extra-mural activity.

The Tumbling Tigerz programme for children and toddlers is a fantastic and fun adventure for every child. Much of their activities are actually based on research and the programme benefits your child in many more ways than just being 'fun' or 'excersise'.

Tumbling Tigerz programmes incorporate aspects including Boxing, Pilates, Gymnastics and Ball Skills.These programmes, which are endorsed by a highly specialised Occupational Therapist, concentrate on specific body parts to ensure your child receives a full body specialised work out improving the childs' stability, balance and athleticism.

Tumbling Tigerz Prizegiving 2017 - Bramley Nursery School

Studies have shown that children today struggle with core, scapular and upper body strength. Tumbling Tigerz targets each of these developmental areas realising the importance of these in motor control - from gross to very fine - the motor skills get great benefit.

Whilst taking part in the Tumbling Tigerz your child is learning and developing some of the following skills:

  • Hand-eye  co-ordination
  • Ball skills
  • Running (forwards, backwards and sideways)
  • Hopping
  • Colour identification
  • Forward roll and shoulder roll
  • Crossing the mid-Line
  • Balancing on one leg
  • Kicking
  • Watching and repeating actions
  • Following instructions

On behalf of all of our parents and especially our learners we thank  AU TRADERS AND REFINERS (PTY) Ltd

AU Traders and Refiners kindly sponsored the Tumbling TigerZ programme for 2017 for each and every child in the school. This we consider a major contribution to the children as the skills they have learned and developed are everlasting, and priceless!